Creating and editing listings is annoying because data entered on the form doesn’t stick and has to be re-entered multiple times. Bonanza has some great features that work with eBay marketplace, that can help people get started on Bonanza faster and in tandem. They claim their phone was out of service when I made an attempt to communicate. I was thinking about buying something until I realized what they are doing. “Don’t worry, the next time you come in, we’ll apply that 2 to your purchase.”

  • I had an issue with missing active items and, as usual, Bonanza’s Customer Service cleared it up very quickly.
  • So now, instead of just giving me a refund or picking something different, I am out of money and a game that is just trash.
  • The eBay credibility will be shown in your Bonanza account to increase customer trust in your products.
  • It’s an interesting twist to the gameplay that keeps the excitement levels high.
  • I hope Trustpilot will look into this matter.
  • Some people love this adrenaline-pumping routine but we don’t.

All the other sites have gotten rid of that feature. It is definitely one of our smallest markets; however, we are reaching people we wouldn’t reach otherwise. Bonanza does a good job reaching out to sellers, but sometimes it takes a while to hear back. It can take a while to get used to posting items and training someone new through the process. And when I go through all the trouble of creating a listing, it stays until I remove it or it sells. Some of their “Traits” are hard to use when creating a listing.

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However, each additional scatter symbol adds five more free spins, extending your game time without costing you extra. To get a clearer picture of the Bonanza Slot, we’ll break down its key details. Here’s a table summarizing the main features of the game, providing an at-a-glance view of what it offers. Offering no compromise on the quality of gameplay either, Bonanza uses the Megaways mechanic for payouts, meaning potential paylines range into the hundreds of thousands. You can choose for your Bonanza listing to be showcased on Google Shopping ads for a fee.


Casino games urgent hyperlink supplied by 75 game providers are available. Taking into account all factors in our review, Bonanza Game Casino has scored a Safety Index of 3.9, representing a Low value. We suggest players to steer clear of this casino and opt for one with a higher Safety Index. By analyzing sales, there is a high possibility of intercepting target customers because they can quickly find items they are looking for. It is a community-oriented marketplace.

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My extreme disappointment as a seller compelled me to scrap my former, highly positive review and replace it with this one. Thanks for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear about the difficulty that you have had with this issue. Our fraud prevention team takes its job very seriously, and this may lead to some users being removed from Bonanza even if they disagree with the decision.

You can also provide coupons to provide certain discounts on items or shipping. According to Bonanza, they get more than 5 million visits each month. This equates to about 150,000 visits a day. Therefore, as a seller, you can be assured that there is a large buyer base who can stumble upon your products. Great support team response to a minor issue.

My extreme disappointment as a seller compelled me to write this review. They allow a seller to sell pharmaceutical products out of China that aren’t what they say they are. Yes, I’m stupid didn’t realize until I received the product that it was from China and then I injected it.

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He then found out that he could not find his withdrawal status on his account and he asked the casino for an update. While he was waiting for the answer, he made another deposit and won €1,600. After a while, he sent his documents once again but a few days later, he found out his account was blocked without any explanation given to him. There is no further information available ever since. Player is experiencing difficulties withdrawing all his winnings.